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Resolved! Translation Pattern Fax Question

I'm working with cucm 12.0.1I have several cisco ata186 connected to fax machines One of my translation numbers doesn't work with faxes but it does on our 7942 phones. This number did work in the past on fax.  Last year.   The settings for the Transl...

EMcBride by Beginner
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cannot Play message to calling party and but can transfer to called number ; hunt pilot method used.

i have a requirement to play voice message to calling party and then transfer to called number . This should happen for both internal and external incoming calls.I came to know this can be achieved in two ways:1. Hunt Pilot2. CUC I followed hunt pilo...

jaheshkhan by Enthusiast
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I'm a service tech that works with these a lot.  The worst part is identifying the telephone number I'm working on.  I get the same number on every port.  There has to be a better way.  S

dholt1 by Beginner
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Resolved! Minimum TLS version 1.2

Hello,A customer with cucm cluster 11.51(SU10), wants to set the minimum TLS version to 1.2The customer has only 7940 and 7942 ip phone types.7940 ip phones ask TFTP for SEP<MAC>.cnf.xml, but 7942 for SEP<MAC>.cnf.xml.sgn(HTTP) conf file.If we config...

intermittent choppy voice audio

Hi community, we have a Cisco voice gateway connected to a sip provider on one side and an old Siemens pbx connected on the other side through 2 T1's.We are experiencing intermittent 1 way choppy voice audio issues when we call a phone connected to t...

stoofer by Beginner
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IP Phone 8861 Breaking Up

Hello,New Here! I have an issue with only our 8861 IP Phones when calling another extension and/or external number you can hear them, but they temporally can not hear you. (about 5-seconds) I have reached out to our network consultant who mentioned t...

Resolved! 3905 ITL/CTL

Hi all, My question is do they actual hold ITL/CTL certificates? I don't see any reference to it in the guide or mention of them on the phone web page Need to migrate a bunch to a new cluster and wondering if these will just move across seamlessly wi...

rchaseling by Participant
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cube design and requirements

atm my setup is cucm>sip trunk>cube>sip trunk>isp. I have setup my isr as cube and it is working fine . Problem is now it needs a license so can i keep my current setup without making the router as cube "border element"? or is it a requirement?

baselzind by Frequent Contributor
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