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CME with PBX

Hello  I would like to to connect our Cisco CME 2911 router 15.5 IOS,  to be able to call our other building using traditional PBX system, i have FXS and FXO card already installed on the CME router, how do i go about this? please, i need a guide and...

Resolved! pots Dial peer

Can some one show a example of outgoing dial peer for fxo card pots line for cme 8.5? I have 4 ports and would like to always go to next available port to dial out so if one port is taking it goes to next one. Can some one just show a example of this...

Resolved! Device Pack Error

Good Day, I am running CUCM 10.5.1 and trying to install the following device pack: cmterm-devicepack10.5.2.15097-1.cop.sgn I want the pack for a CP-8821 wireless IP phone that we just purchased. I have downloaded several different cop files and get...

plavin001 by Beginner
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CME phone number length

I am working on a CME system where we are running into an issue where when the user calls a number with a total of 15 digits then the system drops the final digit. Example, when the user dials 001519123456789 the system only accepts 00151912345678. I...

putney_m by Beginner
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Resolved! CER - Use phones External Caller ID

Hi Everyone, were going into a customer swaping out an old phone system with a new UC deployment.  Each Phone has an external DID and they were sold by sales ER to do additional alerting in an HA setup. the customer is already sending updates to P...

orddie234 by Rising star
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Cisco BACD on CME (transfer call to hunt-group) if you do not chose in the voice menu

Hi all. Could ypu please help me with configuration BACD. I have voice menu with 2 parametrs/ 1) Dial by extension 2) Transfer to other number (Fax) 3)Transfer to hunt-group Bellow my example application service 5090 flash:app-b-acd-aa- ...

Plain Mobility & DX80

Hey all, I am trying to get plain Mobility working on DX80s and I cannot figure it out. Here are my details:- CUCM is v10.5- DX80s are Every end user has mobility enabled- Every end user has a remote destination profile- Every remote dest...