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Best way to configure "announcement only" mailbox

Dave Kallweit
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Level 1

We have a client with 2951 router with Cisco CME v8.x.  They need to have their receptionist be able to call in and change the school information message from an external number.  They told me that they used to be able to dial in on the main number and then push 1 to dial by extension. When they called into that extension they could push * and get into the mailbox and then access the prompt customization part of the AvT.  That isn't working and doesn't really make sense to me.  I have tried to dial by extension and dial the AvT extension and it says invalid number.  If I make the voicemail box for the extension in question an "announcement only" they cannot push * and change the greeting.  Is there a best way to configure this senario to make it easy for the receptionist to change the school information announcement from an external number?  Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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I have seen that document before.  How do you change the greeting in a "announcement only" mailbox?  Can you call in and change it?

Yes you should be able to call and record/re-record the greeting.

Ok, so when the voicemail box is configured as announcement only and the greeting starts, when I push *  or  # after dialing the extension after calling in nothing happens........

Are you dialling the voicemail pilot? As far as I remember You need to dial your voicemail pilot number and then enter the announcement only mailbox id and pwd and then you should be able to record the greeting.

The person who need to update the greeting acceses the pilot number and enters the mailbox id of the ann. only mailbox.

The users requiring to listen to the information dial the mailbox directly.


So here is my call flow.......

user dials main number from external location -> pushes #1 to dial by extension (Should the person dial the Pilot number here?)  -> dials 1017 (which is extension with annoucement only mailbox) -> I try and push * or # when greeting starts to break into the mailbox but it doesn't do anything.  

Its been a while I did this but if I remember correctly, need dial the pilot number to access the mailbox. So when your client dials the main number, after that dial the voicemail pilot number, then enter the user ID as mailbox of announcement only, it should then give you the options to record the greeting.

I have dismantled my lab temporarily due to some renovation otherwise I would have quickly confirmed for you from there...but do try above and let us know how you go...