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Driss Hadi

BLF call pick up group

Hello Team

i got new box of call manager 9.1  i want to configure  call pick group with BLF on 7975

i have the extensions 1245 (7945) , 1244 (7945)  ,  1243 ( 7975)  , i've configured call pick up group with number 1609   then i add them to  the group  with options:

1 i configured display notification on 7973 with  bip and flash

2 blf to see the in coming call to 1609 ( the call pick up goup ) , and to pick up it directly

the  problem is whenever i'm testing i can see only the part 1 configuration  but the BLF doesn't work , i want to service parameter to enble the BLF  for pickup group but still the same the icone still showing as speed  dial ..

please can someone help

Suresh Subramanian
Rising star

please check if the 'subscribe css' is configured on those phones.

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Thank you for reply, I did it but the same problem

in the phone button, did you select BLF SD or normal SD (Speed Dial) button?

Could you please provide the Screenshot of the button setup?    

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Roger Kallberg
VIP Mentor

If I understand you correct you have set the BLF to the pickup number 1609? I don't think that will work. BLFs are for line status of DNs, the pickup group number isn't a DN. It's more a trigger used to pickup a call in another group, aka GPickup.

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Hi Roger

Yes I agree, but if go to cisco doc for CUCM 9.1 feature call pick up, you will see they are describing this option, even they have the option call pick group inked to hunt group

Interesting, I hadn't seen that this might be a new feature in 9.x. I'd have to lab this next week. If you haven't got help before I've done that I'll post an update as soon as I've done that.

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Hi Roger

Please did you get any news about the subject ,

Busy Lamp Field Call Pickup

You can associate the busy lamp field (BLF) button on a              Cisco Unified IP Phone to a DN. This allows              Cisco Unified Communications Manager to notify a phone user when a call is             waiting to be picked up from the DN. The DN represents the BLF DN, and the             phone that picks up the call to the BLF DN represents the BLF call pickup             initiator.

The following rules apply to the BLF DN and the BLF call             pickup initiator:

  • The BLF call pickup initiator gets selected as the next available                     line or as a specified line. To use a specified line, the line must remain off                     hook before the BLF SD button is pressed.
  • You can configure a hunt list member DN as the BLF DN to allow an                     incoming call to a hunt list member to be picked up by the BLF call pickup                     initiator. The incoming call on the hunt list member can come from the hunt                     list or be a directed call. The behavior in each case depends on how call                     pickup is configured for the hunt list member DN, the BLF DN, and the hunt                     pilot number.
  • When a call pickup occurs with the service parameter Auto Call                     Pickup Enabled set to false, the phone must remain off hook or the user must                     press the answer key to pick up the call.

The BLF SD button on the phone can exist in any of the             following states:

  • Idle - Indicates that no call exists on the BLF DN.
  • Busy - Indicates that at least one active call exists on the BLF                     DN, but no alerts exist.
  • Alert - Indicates by flashing that at least one incoming call                     exists on the BLF DN

i think for the BLF call pick goup the line should be busy then after that it will work i will tested next week , i will update , if you found something let me know please

Hi Driss,
Sorry but I'd didn't find any time this week to try this out :(

I guess the text is from the CM feature doc? From what I can tell there is nothing mentioned about BLF to a pickup group number, it only mentions pickup of calls to a DN that there is a BLF setup to monitor. So without any other source of information than this I stick to my original reply, BLFs is only supported for DNs, not pickup group numbers.

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yes because BLF monitor is should be for DN , do you thing if i configured for hunt pilot it will work ?

That was a thought I also had after doing some Googling for BLF and group pickup yesterday. From that I had the idea to put the hunt pilot into the pickup group and then set the BLF to the hunt pilot. It's nothing I've ever tested, but try it out and see what result you get.

Best of luck :)

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