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Blf missing Notify

Hello all,
recently I have managed to set up blf between two cisco phones (SPA502g and SPA303). SPA303 is the monitoring one and the other is being monitored. The monitoring phone is monitoring a Polycom phone as well. The problem is that blf works fine with the polycom however it partially works with cisco. By partially I mean that the monitoring phone subscribes properly to get notifications form the 502g, as it also does with polycom. Both phones send then the initial notify to the SPA303, so the lights go green. However, when there is a call between the two monitred phones (or any other call which involves usage of any of them) only polycom sends information about the state of the call, so the lights are blinking red/red and the light for the SPA502g is still green. I have attached log files and the configuration of both Cisco Phones and hope somebody would help with it.
Note that the is the SPA303 (Monitoring phone), is the SPA502g (monitred) and is monitored Polycom. The call was performed from Polycom to SPA502g.

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