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Danilo Goncalves

Block selective incoming collect calls E1/R2

Hi there!

I need to develop a TCL Script to block selective incoming collect calls, ie, only some extensions would accept such calls.

In Brazil, Collect Calls are identified with a specific subscriber category (II-8) in E1 R2 line.

I need to create a script that identifies this category, and send the call to predefined numbers or block those that are not.

Could you please help me with this issue?

Thank you so much in advance.



paolo bevilacqua
Hall of Fame Master

I'm afraid that it may not possible to do so, because there may be no information element available to the TCL APi to distinguish between a Collect and normal call.

You can contact me privately to prove or disprove that is the case.

Hi ,

Could you please give us more clarification and examples?

what I understand, you need block some calling or called numbers, is like this?

I believe it's possible, I learned that a partner company of Cisco developed this script. However, they didn't provide for us.

Exactly, a customer wants only a few people to receive  collect calls. Today they has this functionality in Ericson MD110, and  want the same for Cisco.

A quick overview of the scenario  is as follows: two VG's, each VG have 5 or 6 E1 interface, and these E1  have both ISDN-PRI and R2-MFC signs.

For ISDN, I know that  blocking is done in the carrier, and R2 through the Double-answer  command. But both block all calls. What the customer wants, is the  selective blockade.

I saw in some forums, saying that I can use the  parameters "set dest [InfoTag get leg_dnis]" and "leg setup $ dest  callInfo leg_incoming." However, I have no expertise to do the script.

Debug and configuration files attached were used by this partner that could solve this case using the TCL script.

If you need further information, please inform me.

Thanks in advance.

Again, if you need consulting, please contact me privately.

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