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Blocking Calls

I wanted to present this before the community and get some help with this issue I am facing. I am trying to block a call coming from a specific ANI to specific users on my system. Unfortunately we are still running on CUCM 7.1.2.xxxx and our calls come to us via our carrier on PRI trunks and MGCP gateways so blocking through h323 and translation rules can't happen. We have Unity Connection 8.6 and IPCC 7.x "enhanced" on this system as well. All my users have individual DID's and we dont currently use any call handlers or such. Knowing this info - can any of you come up with a way to block a call to specific users? Any help on this, and soon, would be awesome.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Chris Deren
Hall of Fame Master

There is no easy way with your current version unless you route all calls thru UCON or IPCC. Your best options are:

1. convert to H323

2. upgrade to CUCM 8.0+ and take advantage of this:



Thanks Chris - we have toyed with the 323 route, but I am more curious about possibly utilizing Unity Connection or IPCCx possibly to do this. I have heard that using call routing inside of Unity Connection may be a possibility - but I am needing some coaching on how to do that piece if it is possible.

I am also in the process of trying to write a little script in IPCC that sends the DID's that get dialed by this number to it. My thought is to have the DID sent to the script where it queries an xml file and if the number is on the list I tell it to disconnect the number.

Anyone have any thoughts on that?

Chris Deren
Hall of Fame Master

With UCON you would need to build Routing Rule to block the call, with IPCC as you say best thing would be to build an XML file.  Either solution will not scale well for all DIDs calls as you may be quickly limited by number of voicemail ports or IVR ports. I would certainly not want to route all inbound calls destined to IP phones via either one of these apps, if you only need to do this for certain dialed numbers, i.e. main number, CEO's number, etc it would make some more sense.

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