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Bulk Change Of Speed Dial


I need to change one speed dial on about 400 phones and was wondering what the best way to do this witout touching each one in CUCM 8.5.

Thanks for the help

Frequent Contributor

without changing it in the database directly you could just use a translation for the "old " speed dial to the new number?


Bulk edit of speed dial can be accomplished by exporting all the phone details and then re-inserting them
to the CUCM.

1) Go to Bulk Administration -> Phones -> Phone Template. Click on Add new.
Create a template just to manage the phones. Use the device type
configuration. Give a name and click save.

2) Go to Bulk Administration -> Phones -> Phone File Format -> Create a
Phone File Format. Add New. For the device fields to identify the phones.


On Maximum Number of Speed Dials use 4. Click on save.

3) Go to Bulk Administration -> Phones -> Export Phones -> Specific Details.
You can query them using parameter that is unique for this phones. Add a
file name and in file format select the one that you create in step 2.
Select run immediately.

4) Go to Bulk Administration -> Job Scheduler. Verify that process is
complete and the name created for the file.

5) Go to Bulk Administration -> Upload/Download Files -> Select the one
created by the export file. Download the file. You can change the extension
of the file from .txt to .csv to open the file with excel and copy and
paste the information of the speed dials. Save the file again in .txt.

6) Go to Bulk Administration -> Upload/Download Files -> Add new, and upload
the file with the new information. In the Select Target choose Phones and in
Transaction Type Insert Phones - Specific Details. Check "Overwrite File if
it exists"

7) Go to Bulk Administration -> Phones -> Insert Phones. In the file name
select the one you upload. On phone template name select the one that we
created on step 1. Check "Override the existing configuration" field. Click
run immediately.

8) Go to Bulk Administration -> Job Scheduler to check that process
completed without errors.

Hope this helps,