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Busy tone on 7942 phones in CUCM 8.6

Lulzim Islami
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Level 1

Hi all,

Yesterday I moved phones between clusters, now we are facing with busy signal issues on 7942 phones. Connection is establishing sucessefully, when it comes to RTP session it gives me a busy signal tone. On 7911 phones RTP is working fine.

CUCM version that I'm using is 8.6.2.

Anyone had this issue?

Thank you

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Are these phones registered to the new cluster? Can you see anything in the status messages on the phones? Do both incoming and outgoing calls fail?

Yes phones are registerd on the new cluster, both calls are failing. I'm assuming it has to do with licensing issue, yesterday Licensing team did the re-host of them and it is got to do with enhanced users and simple user license in 8.6 version. 7911 phones where aded first and they took a seat of license and thats why they are working.


I just had a call with licensing team and they confirmed me that this issue has nothing to do with licensing.

I will explain steps that I did one more time:

1. Did re-host from one Publisher to another

2. With BAT toll I added the 7911 phones first

3. With BAT tool I added the 7942 phones second

From 7911 I can make a call to 7942 or 7911, but from 7942 to 7911 or 7942 it won't work. Call is establishet but when it comes to RTP session it gives me a busy signal. This is happening with internal calls also and if I call from external phone to the company 7942 phone.

Any idea from where can i get logs or debug?

Thank you,

Hi Valdet,

what exactlt happens: when 7942-A phone is calling 7942-B phone, is B ringing or silent .Secondly, if user B picks the calls , is it silent?

Can u try deleting two 7942 phones and add them again and check?

Do have 7911 /7942 models regsitered in call Manager cluster 8.6.2?



What is the firmware version running on the 7911 and 7942 phones? Are they using the same device pool / region?

Hi Thijs,

7911 version is SCCP11.9-2-1S and 7942 is SCCP42.9-2-1S.

They are using same device pool and region. Codec between the same region is

64 kbps (G.722, G.711)


Hi Aman,

When7942-A is calling 7942-B is ringing, when user B picks the call user A will get busy tone, and user B gets silent.

All 7911 and 7942 models are registered in 8.6.2 cluster.

Thank you,


Hi Valdet,

You can follow the URL to capture packets.



Maybe related to CSCtq97254?

Phones advertise g722 even though advertise g722 is disabled
IP phone to IP phone calls fail when one phone has g722 disabled and one phone has g722 enabled.

The phone console logs of the phone with g722 disabled display "Bad MediaType 6" as seen below:

5582: NOT 19:24:56.470750 DSP: STREAM- OpenEgressChan- ChanType 1, local (multicast host 0, port 0), MedType 6, Period 20, stream (47808340, 47808340) mix (1, 3)
5583: WRN 19:24:56.471386 DSP: STREAM- OpenEgressChan- Bad mediaType 6***, ChanType 1, Period 20, stream (47808340, 47808340) --> chan -1
5584: ERR 19:24:56.471982 DSP: MT: MTHANDLER- retv -1, errno 1021, len 24
5585: NOT 19:24:56.480284 DSP: ***MediaTerminationStopTone ignored, nonmatched call reference- new 47808340, current tone 0
5586: WRN 19:24:56.507244 DSP: STREAM- OpenIngressChan- Bad MediaType 6 *** ChanType 1, Remote (host e302eeb, port 5dd4), Period 20, VAD 0, stream (47808340, 47808340) --> chan -1
5587: ERR 19:24:56.507957 DSP: MT: MTHANDLER- retv -1, errno 1021, len 24

Phones running 9-1-1 with g722 disabled that are then upgraded to 9-2-1 experience this problem.

Enable g722 on both phones to allow the call to complete successfully or change the region mapping to force the call to setup using g729

Can you try to upgrade some 7942's to the latest version?

Just got in call with TAC, we had to upgrade 7942/7946 firmware from SCCP42.9-2-1S to 9.3(1)SR2 to get fix of CSCtq97254. Here is the link for bug:

Steps taken:

1.Download the latest firmware

2. With ftp or Sftp download it to CUCM

admin:utils system upgrade initiate

Warning: Do not close this window without first canceling the upgrade.


1) Remote Filesystem via SFTP

2) Remote Filesystem via FTP

3) Local DVD/CD

q) quit

This fixed the issue.

Hi Valdet,

Gr8.. problem got resolved.

It was the same bug as provided by Mr. Thijs