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Call Forward All on Cisco IP Phone 9971 not function properly

Dear All,

I would like to ask about call forward all on cisco ip phone 9971. I've registered my 9971 phone to Cisco Unified Call Manager 8.5 and also assign standard 9971 softkey button to that phone.

The problem is when I was press Forward All button on the screen and put Internal extension number, the phone should be forwarded to that extension and also on the top of screen will appear forward sign, but in my case the phone is not forwarded. No error message appear too and the Forward all button on the screen is not changing to Forward off.

Note : I already make sure CSS has been assigned correctly.

Did anyone experiencing same issue above? Or anyone know how to fix issue above?

Please let me know, I'm very appreciate to all of you that help and contribute on this discussion

Best Regards,

Nanda Nurhadyan       

Best Regards,

Nanda Nurhadyan
Dennis Mink


when you say:

Note : I already make sure CSS has been assigned correctly.

is that the CSS that you set on the line at "Call Forward All Calling Search Space"?!

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Please remember to rate useful posts, by clicking on the stars below.

William Bell

I know you said that you checked the CSS but it sure sounds like a CSS problem. You may want to double check the call forward CSS selection policy you have on the line. You want to determine if it is using the primary/secondary CSS as configured for CFA or if you are using the device+line CSS. I assume that you have confirmed that you can dial the intended forward destination without issue.

I'd also check DNA (https:///dna. Do a standard analysis, select the CSS you are planning to use for forwarding, and confirm the DNA results. If you are unfamiliar with DNA then you probably need to enable the service first (activate DNA on the publisher node). The DNA tool itself is fairly intuitive.

Just in case this is something more, can you provide your firmware version ID (for the phone).

Oh, one other thought. Is this the primary (1st) line appearance that you are trying to forward? I haven't checked on 89xx/99xx but I believe that you are still limited to only being able to enable forwarding for primary line appearances when using the phone itself. Again, I haven't checked to see if Cisco has changed this behavior.



HTH -Bill (b) (t) @ucguerrilla

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Hi Minkdennis,

Yes I mean Call Forward All Calling Search Space on Directory Number Configuration.

Hi Bill,

I've been confirmed CSS that I use on CFA settings on Directory Number Configuration can dial the intended forward destination with no issue, because the destination is internal extension number with Partition_Internal so I use CSS_Internal with Partition_Internal inside on that CSS.

Also I've been checked with DNA (Dialed Number Analyzer) and make sure the forward destination can be reached using CSS_Internal.

This is firmware version that I used on the 9971 IP Phone


If I put the number directly on CFA settings on Directory Number Configuration page on CUCM web page, the phone CFA works fine and when I press Forward off on the screen there's no change, the CFA still active and cannot be turn off from the IP Phone Screen, it should be turn off from CFA settings on CUCM web page

Best Regards,

Nanda Nurhadyan

Best Regards,

Nanda Nurhadyan

Did you find a solution for this issue?

HTH Regards, Yosh

Yes it was about replication issue. I found that replication on all node is 2 which is indicating in good state. Actually I found that some data in publisher and subscriber is not match. My solution is I try to utils dbreplication repair node to repair all node. Then my problem fixed.

Best Regards,

Nanda Nurhadyan
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