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Call Forward-all SIP Issue

It looks like there are a lot of posts about this, but I really haven't found a solution for my specific issue. I have a CME system at a remote location. They are using a SIP trunk for incoming calls. I would like to forward inbound calls to an extension that has a recorded message. The problem seems to be that when I apply call-forward all to the appropriate dn, the call-forward all command appears to try to connect the call to an external number not an internal extension. If I do a call-forward all to a 10 digit phone number, everything works perfectly, however if I do a call-forward all to an extension inside the system, I get a fast busy signal. Is there something else I have to do to make the system recognize the extension as an internal number?

Any insight is appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Cisco Employee

can you provide your telephony-service configuration

I have attached a copy of the telephony services. Thanks for assistance.

hi there,

your config looks fine since you were saying that 10 digit call forward was

working fine and internal numbers aren't i would suggest you to try doing

in global config ,mode

"voice service voip"

"no supplementary-service sip moved-temporarily"

what happens is under normal condition CFA config : CME sends 302 moved

temporarily sip msg to SP proxy. user segment of sip msg might need to

reflect a DID tht SIP prxy can route to.

this method of disabling supp service under voice service voip will allow

hairpinning of 302 sip msg for call fwds on CME. what it means is your cme

will forward the call this time.

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