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Hi All, I've installed 3911 sip ip phone whit a CUCM 7.1.3 and when I try to forward call from the phone to another dn but doesn't work. The phone display say that the phone is forwarded but when I call the original number no ring. The calling search space is the same on the line and on call forward all , and permit to call the directory number . Thanks in advance for your help Cpelosin

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Level 1
Level 1

Hi ,

Please let me know the error message you receive when dialling the number ?

If forward all  Voice mail check box is checked ? uncheck that .


the voice mail  box is not checked .

The strange thing is that when the phone signat that is forward to a directory number  i can not see the number on the web page of the call manager .

With another type of phone ( 7965) i see on the call manager web page the same directory number that i see on the screen of the ip phone .

When I try to call the directory number of the 3911 that is forward to another ip phone i can hear the ringing tone for a few seconds , but after that the call is interrupted and i get an alert that told me that the number does not exist .

Do you need the trace of the call manager ?

thanks a lot