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call forward issue

There are three 6921 phones at the site.
0066 PT_External CSS_remotesite_PSTN
0072 PT_External CSS_remotesite_PSTN
0074 PT_External CSS_remotesite_PSTN
Below scenario not working
1 .When calls from 0066 forwarded on mobile phone (0066 >>> mobile number) then,
-If any other extension from the site(0072 /0074) dials 0066 then call gets disconnected.
-If any mobile number tries to reach complete DID of 0066 then calls calls are reachable to the forwarded mobile.
2.When calls from 0066 forwarded on other extension ex: 0072 then,
Both mobile customers and site users are able to reach to forwarded extension
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Jaime Valencia
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee Hall of Fame Cisco Employee
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

Is this CUCM?? CME??

What do you use for PSTN??

Have you already compared the debugs of both calls??



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Thanks for your reply Jamie ! phones are registered to cucm which is at DC. for pstn one e1 is terminated at local GW at the site. if we reach via pstn then there is no issue and calls are forwarded properly. Issue is only while reaching extension over the WAN. And I have not compared any logs as frankly I am not aware of which debugs to compare.

Dennis Mink

My gut feeling is, this is CSS related,  and more precisely, your call forward CSS's.

make sure that these call forward CSS's can call mobile numbers.

quickest way to test is to use Dialed Number analyzer, or stick a test phone's line into a call forward CSS and call a mobile number and see if it established the call

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Yes first of all I checked that however Call forward css and line css is same and the extension can call mobile numbers directly the issue only in case of forwarding 

if you are using 0 or 9 for an "outside line" do you have that in the CFWD All number as well?

also, what gateway are you using to make that forwarded call to a mobile?  is it possible to send the debugs of a failing call, like ccsip message, debug dial-peer.


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For outside line we dial 0 and yes whlile forwarding we are adding 0 prefix that is the reason it is getting reached if you try to call via pstn.


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