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Call Forward original called number

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Hi All,

I have the following issue

CUCM 9.1

Phone A = Secretary Phone Type 9951

Phone B = Manager Phone Type 9951

Phone C = Internal extension any cisco phone

When a call from Phone C is unanswered on phone B the call forwards to Phone A. If Phone A does not answer this call they get a missed call showing in the log from Phone C.

Can the missed call log identify the original intended destination which was Phone B?

Many thanks in advance

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on the cucm under service parameters --> Call Manager make sure the following is set to true:

This parameter determines whether Unified CM classifies a call as  internal or external during and after a call transfer based on the  classification of the original call that was transferred. Call  classification affects call treatment such as ring tone, forward  destinations, and caller ID display. Valid values specify True (Unified  CM classifies the call based on the original call classification) or  False (Unified CM classifies the call as internal because transfers  originate from an IP phone which is always internal). For example, when  this parameter is set to True and an external (OffNet) call is received  and transferred by an internal phone, Unified CM classifies the  transferred call as external even during the consultation call. The ring  tone that is used for the consultation call is the external ring tone  and during the consultation call (including blind transfers), the  selection in the Ignore Presentation Indicators (internal calls only)  checkbox on the transfer destination's Phone Configuration window ceases  to apply because the call is now considered external.

This is a required field.

Default:                  False

This parameter determines whether forwarding information displays to  the called party after the party goes off-hook. When enabled, this  parameter also ensures that the forwarding information continues to be  displayed on the called party's phone while the phone is ringing, even  if the calling party information is updated during that time. Valid  values specify True (display forward information) or False (do not  display forward information).
   This is a required field.
   Default:                  False

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