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Alan Singmin

Call forwarding indication or voice message

Hi there,


I have a query from a client who would like to know if Cisco Communications Manager has the below as standard or "built-in" or if it's even possible without 3rd party add-ons


When person C dials person A’s extension from an external source like a mobile line or a telco landline.

If person A does not answer and the call gets forwarded to person B automatically by the system (Call Forward on Busy or no answer), the client wants a voice message saying that “the call is being transferred…” before the call is forwarded to person B's extension and the same if person B's phone is forwarded to another extension.

The message doesn't have to say what extension the call is being forwarded to, but just a message to indicate that the call is being forwarded or transferred.

At the moment what happens is that person C hears the normal ring back tone and is expecting person A to answer when person B answers the call.


Currently the Cisco Communications Manager system does give an indication of the call forwarding that is happening.

If you know what to listen for, you can actually hear that the ring back tone changes slightly when the call is forwarded to person B’s extension, but the “normal guy on the street” won’t hear a difference unless they listen out for it.


Any pointers in the right direction would be appreciated.


Thank you




Jaime Valencia
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

No, CUCM doesn't provide any of that. 



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Hi Jaime,


Thank you for your response, I'll inform our client.

Just in case I'm asked... any idea if there is a 3rd party product that could possibly do the above?


Thank you

Jaime Valencia
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

No, I haven't heard of any product to do that.




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Just sharing my thoughts here. I am thinking of once the phone did not answer after a period of time, call will go to voicemail (Unity), then voicemail will play greeting that says "the call is being transferred…", then you will be transferred to a Call Handler that transfers the call to your destination. Not sure if this is an appropriate solution as you need to configure each users with Call Handler to transfer their calls and any forwarding details will be done from Unity, not from Call Manager.
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This is not naively Possible in CUCM but we can use the Cisco Unity Connection for the same.

So you have to transfer the call to unity connection and there we configure the number to which you want to transfer the calls.

I have tested this in my setup


1) Set the Call forward Busy/No Answer to Voicemai in CUCM

2) In Unity Connection go to use account and in Greetings and Set the call to be transferred to Transfer Rules of same account.



3) Then go to transfer rules of same account and set the number you want to forward to.CUC-2.PNG



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Thank you everyone for your replies, we have also thought about using Unity Voicemail.

The problem there is that the end user can't do the forwarding to the number of their choice without assistance from the IT helpdesk.

At the end of the day, the client would like their end users to be able to easily make their own changes to the telephone forwarding without the IT helpdesk being involved.

Thank you

End user can use the Unity Connection PCA Portal to update the call Transfer Rules. So a little User training should be enough for the same.
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