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Call forwarding not working calls dropping

Good day experts,

I have done a call forward for some reason the calls are dropping when i call the forwarded number
anywhere i can check..?

Route partition is correct and so is the calling search space. I have tried DNA the calls pass through.

Thanks in advance

George Sotiropoulos
VIP Collaborator


Do you use CUCME or CUCM? If it is CUCM can you check if at the DN of the phone you have the correct CSS (Calling Search Space) at the Forward All setting (and at the rest as well)?


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Can you explain the complete call flow, maybe the codec is not matching for the destination.?

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Below is the scenario and am not getting any Joy.


What i have noticed is its the forwarding to one site that is connected to my CUCM via a SIP trunk that is not working any number that i try to forward to it is giving an engaged tone.


I tried DNA to check if there is something blocking i noticed that the call can be routed. Nothing is blocking the call.

I have attached a DNA snippet to show this.  


Below is the setup of my CUCM an 3rd Party Call manager that connects to me via SIP trunk please note that the forwarding was working. secondly  from call manager i can make calls to to third party no problems. 


CUCM--------SIP trunk----------->3rdPartyCallmgr



There are many things to consider when doing CFA? You really cant use DNA to check for CFA. For example what is your dial plan like? Do you use device/line based CSS model. If you do, have you defined a secondary CSS for the CFA destination?

If it is not a CSS issue, then we are going to need your CUCM logs to see what is going on. Can you use RTMT to pull CUCM logs for the affected call?

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I think i will first start with  setting forward call from one extension to another extension on the same CUCM first. I should have started with this then we can pick it up from here. 

I have just checked the call forwarding  is failing to work on the same call manager. Extensions can not forward to fellow extentions on the same call manager. I have extension 4119 failing to forward to extension 4115 on the same call manager . For instance when i confirgure forwarding on 4119 to forward calls to 4115, 4119 gives an engaged tone when i call it from extension 4557 on the same call manager. Previously this was working i dont remember doing any changes. 

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