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Call Forwarding Problem


when a call is forwarded to a off net PSTN number from a Cisco IP Phone. The caller ID shown on the called party's phone shows a DN that hasn't been allocated (this can be different DN and not always the same one) on our callmanager system.

How can I rectify this so it shows the correct caller ID?

We are using CUCM 5.1 and our voice gateway is Cisco 3660 IOS Ver 12.2(6A)



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Hi Bill,

what is the call flow ?

PSTN1 -- ip phone cfw -- PSTN2

PSTN2, do u see PSTN1 or which number?

Under the GW there is an option for calling party selection, try playing with those parameters.

There are some Telco switches that doesnt allow to pass caller ID different from the ones assign to a particular circuit, ie instead of swhoing pstn1 will show main number of your circuit.

Hi gogasca,

The problem is this. A user places a CFW from their IP Phone to the PSTN.

An incoming call from the PSTN is then CFW via IP Phone to PSTN (users off net handset)The caller ID dispalyed on the users handset will sometimes show the call is coming from our corporate main Circuit ID and other times it will show number coming from our Corporate Circuit but the last three digits are unknow and not part of our Corporate circuit ID.

Eg Corporate Circuit Main ID may be 0812340777 some calls will display this caller ID on the users handset if a call is fowarded from say a cell phone number say 0444999123 the caller ID on the users handset will be shown as 0812340123. it grabs the last 3 digit of the cell phone number. we want the caller ID to show the actual ID of the forwarded call. BTW if you make a call from IP phone to the PSTN caller ID's shown on called party's handset are correct the problem only occurs when calls are PSTN - CFW IP phone - PSTN.

I have noticed under Callmanager configuration Gateway - Call routing information - Outbound calls - Caller ID DN we have for example 0812340XXX in place. I remember when we first had callmanager installed this spot was left blank. I have tried to remove 0812340XXX but when I save it still appears. Do you think this is causing the problem?

Kind Regards


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