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Call Manager 12.5 upgrade - PLM Feature still showing up in DRS


I recently upgraded a Call Manager cluster from 11.5 to 12.5 SU5.

The cluster consists of a CUCM Pub and 2 CUCM Subs.

The upgrade seemed to go fine, no issues.


Afterwards I noticed the DRS backups were reporting a error where the PLM feature failed.

In the backup selection, I select all features to be backed up.


I see that the second CUCM Subscriber is still showing the PLM Feature with the ELM-AGENT component.

Since the component doesn't exist, DRS is reporting an error.


Anyone else seen this, or know how to make the PLM feature go away?


I have excluded it from the backups and now DRS completes without any errors.

But feels like something is wrong.

The CUCM publisher and Sub1 do not show this component when backing up. 

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Thanks Roger.

Nice find.


I first need to submit a change request.

I will try that and post the results here.


Might be a day or two.


Thanks again.


Nice find @Roger Kallberg. I didn't know this could be removed this way.


Unfortunately the 'license management' command is not available in ver 12.5.

I probably will open a TAC case.


I guess as 12 is SL based that these commands got deprecated. TAC would for sure be your best option to get PLM removed as it likely would require root access to do so.

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