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Call Manager dial plan upgrade fail

Hi All,

I’ve attempted an upgrade of the UK dial plan, however I’ve hit a number of problems.

The publisher reports a successful installation, but then the subscriber tells me it must match the version on the publisher.

Back on the publisher I cannot uninstall the old version at it reports to still be in use by route filters and patterns!

I associated all my route patterns with the NANP temporarily but there does not appear to be a way to do this on the Route Filters. I tried to ‘export’ the configuration but when I ‘import’ them after the upgrade the import fails as it says something about dial plan tag’s not matching.

I found some documentations that states:

“You will need to disassociate these tags from the route filter and run the dial plan upgrade again on the Cisco Unified CallManager system.”

Any ideas on how to disassociate? Currently it looks like the only way would be do delete and re-create all the route filters! Which is a pain as the customer has loads of them

Thanks in advance


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