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Call Manager Express 4.0(1) (yes 4.0(1)!!)

Level 1
Level 1

Hi dear community,

For a quite old ToIP installation, i'm facing many issues, and requiring your skills.

The architecure is quite basic, two sites with tow CCME 4.0 with a sip trunk between them.

[IPPhones Site A]-----sccp----[CCME of site A]-----WAN (sip trunk)------[CCME of site B]---sccp---[IPPhones Site B]

                                                        |                                                       |

                                                       E1                                                    E1

                                                        |                                                       |

                                                      PSTN                                              PSTN

- Is the RTP direct between IPPhones site A and IPPhones site B? or hairpining on the router?

- Some call between sites hanged out w/o any reason.. i don't know how to troubleshoot the SIP trunk... I didn't find any show sip trun status... help would be appreciated

- Some of the phones (7940) hang out w/o any reason, either with handsets or speakerphone... any idea (i troubleshoot a lot, but find nothing)? I heard about physical diseases on this phones, could you give me some infos?

I know i'm asking a lot, but i'm turning crazy, and i don't know if i'm underskills or if this installation is getting too old (one of the CF have to bee replaced last year because it reached the max R/W cycles!!!!)

Thx again,


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paolo bevilacqua
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

No, across sites RTP goes to the router, not direct between phones.

You will need to update both IOS and phone fimware. No doing that is the same a willing the system to qork porrly (as you described).

Hi Paolo,

thx for your answer!

According to you, what is the command to troubleshoot hairpinning RTP flows on the router? the "deb rtpspi" give me nothing...

I know we have to upgrade but... no more $$$ to purchase licences :-/



Answered above, there is nothing to debug, you need to update.