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Call Manager Express - call forwarding question

Michael Adams

Is there a way to have the CME in a call forward all situation, pass the pstn ani to the external phone? I'm assuming no since it's a 2nd leg of the call ..

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yes, under ephone-dn you can configure following commands

call-forward busy XXXX

call-forward noan XXXX timeout 10

CLID service is enabled from your telco?

Caller (ANI) is 512-622-1000 inbound call from PSTN to (DNIS) 512-655-9999

Call forward all has been set on extension 9999 - this forwards to 512-500-5000

When the call is forwarded - I'd like to see  512-622-1000 show up as the calling number rather than 512-655-9999

I understand that 9999 is creating a new leg of the call and I think it's operating as expected, however I'm not sure if there is a way to override it.

you can have a dial-peer with exact match for the destination pattern

dial-peer voice xxx pots

destination-pattern 5125005000

translation-profile outgoing

this tranlation profile will have the features to translate the calling or called numbers.

We're talking like 100 phones who possibly do a call forward... I cant justify creating 100 dialpeers -- we have a main outgoing dialpeer that would also be matched

This has been resolved. Thanks

There was a translation rule hijacking the ANI

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