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Call manager upgrade fails 7.1.2 -> 7.1.5

Hi all  .... I'm after a little help with this one,

I'm trying to upgrade call manager version 7.1.2 30000-3 to version 7.1.5 319000-3 but it keeps failing

using a network upload and not the CD The file uploads to the publisher fine  (MD5 checked all ok), The upgrade starts ok but after about 12-15 mins it stops with a unknown error - "a problem occured while trying to access the upgrade file"

I've followed the readme file which suggests stopping the Extension Mob service which had made no difference.

I'm pretty certain the iso file is good as I've used the same upgrade iso to upgrade the same version of call manager running on the same hardware but on a different cluster

I'm starting to run out of ideas on this ! .... the bit that I don't understand is how can it complain that it can't access the upgrade file after its uploaded it and checked it ?!

Any ideas or advice would be really cool

Thanks in advance

Rob Huffman
Hall of Fame Community Legend

Hi John,

I would certainly try a DVD first or try the solutions in this thread



Cheers for your reply Rob,

I would love to try the DVD in the drive but as the servers are spread across 2 data centers & I'm doing this from home it isn't really a opton

Having a quick look around the web & forums it appears that this is quite a common problem using either the network upgrade or via DVD with no real solution confirmed

People have mentioned changing the SFTP / FTP server  / making sure there is only one upgrade file in the directory/ making sure each server has access to the NTP service + more ...all of which I've done - including rebooting the cluster & even trying to upgrade to a different SU, but sadly to no avail.

I think this might have to be one for cisco TAC ...... Unless there's any more ideas ?



Not sure if it helps or not,  but  looking through the failed install log there is the following.....

Multi Level Admin add user ccmadmin failed | LVL::|Platform configuration migration script failed(1)|<:ERROR>|Platform upgrade failed|LVL<::error>




Maybe post up your install logs - grab the install/upgrade logs from both the inactive and active partitions.


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The log files should be attached (taken from the inactive partition)  I'll post the active partition ones shortly .....

Any advice would be good



As promised please find attached the upgrade logs from the active partition,

Looking through it all seems to go wrong at the following point: (taken from Install_log_2011-11-20)

11/20/2011 01:46:13|Update admin accounts on inactive partition|<:INFO>

11/20/2011 01:46:13|Create admin account for ccmadmin|<:INFO>

11/20/2011 01:46:13|Add user ccmadmin with groups administrator,sftpuser,platform,tomcat,ccmbase,ccmsyslog|<:DEBUG>

11/20/2011 01:46:13|Update sudoers for ccmadmin|<:DEBUG>

11/20/2011 01:46:13|Create admin account for ccmadmin|<:INFO>

11/20/2011 01:46:13|Add user ccmadmin with groups administrator,sftpuser,platform,tomcat,ccmbase,ccmsyslog|<:DEBUG>

11/20/2011 01:46:13|Multi Level Admin add user ccmadmin failed|<:CRITICAL>

11/20/2011 01:46:13|Platform configuration migration script failed (1)|<:ERROR>

11/20/2011 01:46:13|Platform upgrade failed|<:ERROR>

I don't understand why it would be trying to create an annount called ccmadmin on the inactive partition as there is no ccmadmin username on the active partition ...admin login is done from a different username.

Any help would be great before i try my luck with TAC



Just a quick update regarding the above,

After speaking with TAC, they suggest that this is a bug.    BUG ID = CSCsz08282

Bug details below:

"set account" does not protect against duplicate user creation
After adding an existing user again through CLI, the following L2 upgrade will fail.

Adding an existing user again through CLI.

Upgrade log shows:
02/09/2010 15:35:56|Multi Level Admin add user myusername failed|< LVL::Critical>
02/09/2010 15:35:56|Platform configuration migration script failed (1)|< LVL::Error>

delete the platform user account before attempting upgrade.

list platform accounts with show account
use Delete account myusername to delete the platform account.

I've not tried the fix yet  - but I thought I'd post the information as it might save sombody else pulling their hair out at the time of a upgrade !!!

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