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Call Manager

I need to setup a hotline number. Any calls coming in on that number should route to the agents' Cisco phones based on their shift. For ex :

Hotline number : 12345

Agent1(77777) and Agent2(88888) will pick the calls in morning shift

Agent3(11111) and Agent4(22222) will pick the calls in afternoon and so on...


How can this be configured?


Re: Call Manager



you can use either of two.


1) Cisco Call manager Time of day routing

2) Cisco Unity Connection using Schedules. (Recommended)


Please go through the questions and see if you have any further questions.



Adarsh Chauhan

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Re: Call Manager

Thank you everyone. I was thinking of going ahead with the Unity Connection approach too.


The requester now wants the calls should go to one particular person for the entire day. And then the next person the next day. My approach is to create a hunt group and enable hunt login softkey template or line so that whoever has hunt login enabled can pick the calls for thosee days. I have a few questions here : 


1. If there are 5 line group members and one of them has enabled the hunt login from the phone. In this case no matter what algorithm is applied the calls should always go to the person with HKey enabled first. Is this statement correct?

2. Is there a dependancy between the algorithm and the person whose HKey is enabled? 


All I want is for that particular day whoever has enabled the HKey should get all calls on that hunt pilot number first, if he/she doesnt pick up then the calls can go traverse the algorithm. Can this be achieved? 

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Re: Call Manager

Hi there


If you have UCCX, then this is relatively easy. Just create a simple ACD script


Welcome prompt

Language options

Route calls to CSQ


End call


You can create a CSQ and add agents as a part of this. You can provide IPPA or FInesse for these agents and they can receive calls as when they sign in based on their shifts



Hope this Helps

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Re: Call Manager

1) Just set up the Hunt Pilot as Hot Line Number.
2) Configure HLogin Feature for Agents. Agents will log in in Hunt Group once they are on shift and log out while leaving.
3) If Agents are going to use Shared Phone then you can Add Extension Mobility into the Mix.

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