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Call Manager

Good Afternoon,

Hope you guys are doing well,


Please I need one help.


can anyone please tell me how to check how many users are using particular CSS or Partition or PSTN Line in CUCM


for example we have this 

CSS 44986429PT-internal


i want to know about all users who is using  this



Maren Mahoney

There is an Enterprise Parameter called "Dependency Records", which is disabled by default. Turn that parameter on. You'll get a pop-up notice that it may use excessive resources. As long as your servers are not overtaxed it will be fine.

Then, go to the partition or CSS in question. In the "Related Links" you will see "Dependency Records". Select that and Go.

The pop-up will give you a list of objects in CUCM that use the thing you are on, and how many of each type of object. For additional detail you can select one of the objects. For instance, if you look at the Dependency Records for a Partition, you will first see a list of the different kinds of objects that use it. (Route Patterns plus how many, Translation Patterns plus how many, DNs plus how many, etc.) If you then click on "Route Patterns" in that list, you will see a list of which Route Patterns.

You can't directly see which Route Patterns are referenced in what CSSes. What you can do is get a list of the partitions those Route Patterns are in and then look at which CSSes use those partitions.

Also don't forget that you can search by Partition on the Route Pattern (or DN) page. On the Device > Phone menu you can also search by CSS, ditto with Call Routing > Directory Number.

Finally, if you are not familiar with the Call Routing > Route Plan Report, you may find that helpful.

One more thing: On most search pages where there is a "Find" line, you will see a Plus and a Minus button. These allow you to add additional search parameters to a find. For instance, when looking at phones you could do a search by Device Pool and then add an extra line for the search and add the parameter CSS to find Phones that are both. (Note the "and" and "or" for your search depending on what you want to look at.)


Roger Kallberg
VIP Advisor

Apart from that great information provided by @Maren Mahoney about your second question about the CSS named with “VIP”. No one outside of your organisation, that has access to the configuration in your CM, can answer this question. Let me ask you this, how would anyone without insight into your specific system be able to answer this?

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Nithin Eluvathingal
VIP Mentor

You can use  below SQL query from CLI


List the Device Information and DNs with Associated Partitions


run sql select, d.description, n.dnorpattern as DN, as partition from device as d, numplan as n, devicenumplanmap as dnpm, routepartition as rp where dnpm.fkdevice = d.pkid and dnpm.fknumplan = n.pkid and rp.pkid = n.fkroutepartition and d.tkclass = 1
name            description                  dn   partition
=============== ============================ ==== ===========
SEPA40CC3956C5C Line 1 - 1213; Line 2 - 1212 1212 Internal_PT
SEP503DE57D7DAC 8501 8501 Internal_PT
SEPA40CC3956C5C Line 1 - 1213; Line 2 - 1212 1213 Internal_PT
SEP0008308B289A Line 1 - 8023 8023 Internal_PT

List the  DNs with Associated CSS


run sql select dnorpattern,alertingname,name from numplan n, callingsearchspace c where n.fkcallingsearchspace_sharedlineappear = c.pkid


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