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Call manger build with Unity and Jabber

Ok. Here it goes. I kind of fell like I am being thrown to the wolves.I have administrative knowledge when it comes to call manager and unity. I am being tasked to Upgrade our customers CUCM environment to CUCM 11 from 8.5. The problem is, I would like my customer to get the best possible result, weather that be be a fresh build of the new server they purchased, or a step upgrade from 8.5. Really, I am having a hard time trying to figure out where to begin. By the way, I have no senior voice engineers and I am a route/switch guy. I need to know the impacts that could potentially arrive from taken them from a flat layer 2 network, to a layer 3 network, and this could affect how call manager is built out. I have some time before we tackle this project, but I was hoping that the community would be able to help. Or should I talk my boss into partnering with a contractor that has more experience in Collaboration?


Hi John,

Upgrades are usually critical and should be performed by engineers who have experience. If it was about applying a small patch I would say its easy but when you are upgrading from 8.5 to 11.0, it will require lot of steps. I personally feel you should involve someone who has experience with Cisco Collaboration.

Just my thought.



Dennis Mink

I honestly think that you should go back to your manager and get budget to get an experienced party to undertake the task.

Plus you're probably not in the wage bracket to accept full responsibility for the upgrade, would you want to ?  ;-) 

I am not saying that the upgrade itself is rocket science, as most of these upgrades are pretty well documented, but what happens if things require indept troubleshooting?

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