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call problem with MGCP


I,ve got an 2821 gw with dsp an fxo ports, when the router recieves a call on the fxo port the call is forwarded to the ip telephone and fails, busy tone is heard form the telephone that is calling.

The CSS, partitions and the mgcp is configured right, when i make an sh ccm-manager the router is registered.

When the router enters in SRST (H323) the call goes OK.

So i don?t know why is making this problem never happens in others configurations.




Could you please upload ccm detailed trace for the incoming call and the sh run?

I've attached the router config now i need to make the ccm trace, i need to make some research because i never do that.


Here is a video in how to gather CCM detailed traces.

Tommer Catlin

I have had this happen on FXO before... after you add the device to CallManager and the DID, restart the FXO device. It will come online.... for whatever reason, they need to reset or restarted after you add it into CCM.

I done this but the same result, I reset the mgcp port through the callmanager, and the interface registered OK.

But the call missed to reach the destination. When the router enters SRST, the call goes OK.

The cm is through the serial.


I get this error message when i debugg mgcp packets:

: send_mgcp_msg ERROR: MGCPAPP send_mgcp_msg failure, status -1, errno 13

This message was sent by de ccm to the router.

Try with access-list 500!!!

Please upload CCM trace and debug mgcp packets, otherwise we are just giving stabs in the dark.

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