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Call Redirect in Unity Express


I have a Uuity Express version 7 and I have done a script for one of our department.

So the problem is that when i call the number the auto attendant answer and propmt for either option 1 or option 2 (Through Unity Express Script)

When either option is choosen it will play the message " Please wait your call will answered shortly " as a customized recording, then it plays the system message " YOUR CALL CANT BE COMPLETED AS DIALED PLEASE CONSULTE YOUR DIRECTORY AND CALL AGIAN OR ASK OPERATOR FOR ASSISTANCE" then the call get disconnected.

The telephone line is analog line which connected to our Voice Router where we have call manager 6 and the help desk is located somewhere else where they have another call manager ver 4. There is trunk established between our call manager and the other call manager so if i call any extension on the other location i will be able to reach them no problem.

Also if i call the Auto Attendant number the message will play and choosing either option will redirect the call to the correct extension, only when the call is coming from outside the redirect is not happening.

Any ideas will be highly appreciated.

Cisco Employee

It sounds like the digit analysis on CM for the transfer is failing.

Keep in mind that on a transfer, we use the CSS of the original calling party's CSS.  In this case, that's going to be the CSS of the analog lines.

All else fails, pull a detailed CM trace and look for dd="5555" in the file, replacing 5555 with the extension/number you are transfering out of CUE to.  Then trace the call for where it fails.  Note the pss for that DA.

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