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Pramoth Sundaram

Call's are dropped when Transfer over ICT trunk

Hi All

Hope are doing well.

Customer has reported a intermitten fault, When call are tranfered from one CUCM cluster to Cisco IP PHONE on another CUCM cluster is getting dropped intermittenly. ( call is dropped after hitting the Tranfer key second time )

Call Flow : PSTN > Gateway > 1st  CUCM > IVR >Agent >  Transfer > ICT Trunk > 2nd CUCM Cluster > IP Phone

Has any one come accross this issue.

Kind Regards

Suresh Subramanian
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as per the problem description, It seems codec issue between GW & ICT. Could you please crosscheck the region settings?

Can the agent phone transfer a direct internal call over ICT? (phone-A calls phone-B in 1st Cluster and Phone-B transfers the call to 2nd Cluster phone)

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Hi Suresh

Thanks for your response.

No faults were reported for Direct calls Transfers.

Were exactly do think i need to check.

The regions settings bettween GW and Frist CUCM ICT or 2nd CUCM ICT.

We need to check both.

let's say if we skip the IVR, does the phone of 1st cluster able to transfer the inbound external call to 2nd cluster?

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Second Cluster is used for Conter Only so First Cluster normally no requirement to tranfer the call to Contact Center Cluster.

I have check the both ICT Trunks both have Media Resources configured via the DP.


Hi Pramoth,

Have you configured MTP and applied to ICT Trunk?

To support supplementary services in case of ICT Trunk, MTP is required.

Please check and let us know.


Nishant Savalia

Regards, Nishant Savalia

HI Nishant
Checked the config and confirmed all is ok form Config point of view.


You will need to look at detailed CUCM traces, otherwise you will just be guessing and groping in the dark.

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Thank Aokanlawon

Robert Thomas
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Your issue is rather generic. This could be caused by multiples causes. Your best option is to capture and instance of a call drop with traces from both clusters, and either analyze them yourself or open a case with TAC for troubleshooting.

Changing configuration without looking at the logs for a failure itself it's usually risky.

Common problems are related to codec mismatch, lack of MTP or XCODE sessions, or phones unregistering.

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