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Call Transfer from B-ACD?

Hello, is it possible to configure B-ACD in a UC560 so that a caller has the option to transfer "out" to leave a VM in a GDM?

I see no options in CCA Basic ACD to choose anything but different prompts.

We'd like to be able to let the caller press a "digit" after so long in the queue to leave a voicemail if they can no longer stay on the call.

We are seeing abaondoned calls when the queue agents are all busy.

Please advise.  Thank you, Paul

paolo bevilacqua
Hall of Fame Master

Paolo, thank you for your response, but the link references earlier CUE's.

Also, I am looking specifically for a way to add a transfer a caller out of a Call Queue.

Regards, Paul

Hi Paul - can you provide IOS (show ver) and b-cd version (show call application voice summary) details.  Also, are you using drop-through mode?



The link that I have provided shows two  methods to transfer a call directy into VM without using a DN iwit CFA.

The first method does not use CUE at all.

The second, works with any version of CUE.

Rob Huffman
Hall of Fame Community Legend

Hi Paul,

Have a read of this excellent thread, I don't believe the info has

changed over time, but you may want to post up the query over

in the UC500 section of the forums to verify



"Why not help one another on the way" - Bob Marley

Brian, here is info you asked for: (edited)

We are using drop-through mode.

------------------ show version ------------------

Cisco IOS Software, UC500 Software (UC500-ADVIPSERVICESK9-M), Version 15.1(2)T4, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1)

Technical Support:

Copyright (c) 1986-2011 by Cisco Systems, Inc.

Compiled Tue 12-Jul-11 22:01 by prod_rel_team

ROM: System Bootstrap, Version 15.0(1r)XA3, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1)

UC560 uptime is 3 days, 14 hours, 41 minutes

System returned to ROM by error - a Software forced crash, PC 0x802D392C at 18:19:04 EDT Fri Sep 21 2012

System restarted at 18:23:25 EDT Fri Sep 21 2012

System image file is "flash:uc500-advipservicesk9-mz.151-2.T4"

Last reload type: Normal Reload

Cisco UC560-T1E1-K9 (MPC8378) processor (revision 0x100) with 497664K/26624K bytes of memory.

Processor board ID FGL1550114J

MPC8378 CPU Rev: Part Number 0x80C4, Revision ID 0x21

122 User Licenses

4 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces

48 Serial interfaces

2 terminal lines

2 Channelized T1/PRI ports

1 Virtual Private Network (VPN) Module

4 Voice FXO interfaces

4 Voice FXS interfaces

1 Voice MoH interface

1 cisco service engine(s)

256K bytes of non-volatile configuration memory.

250880K bytes of ATA CompactFlash (Read/Write)


Device#            PID                              SN


*0              UC560-T1E1-K9         FGLXXXXXXXX


UC560#show call application voice summary

SERVICES (standalone applications):

  name                      type            description

  ipsla-responder           Tcl Script      builtin:app_test_rcvr_script.tcl

  aaservice0                Tcl Script      flash:/bacdprompts/app-b-acd-aa-

  aaservice1                Tcl Script      flash:/bacdprompts/app-b-acd-aa-

  CALLIndSs_SErviCe         C Script        builtin:CallIndSs_Service.C

  RetrProxy                 C Script        builtin:RetrievalProxy_Service.C

  session                   Tcl Script      builtin:app_session_script.tcl

  clid_authen_npw           Tcl Script      builtin:app_clid_authen_npw_script.tcl

  app-b-acd-aa              Tcl Script      builtin:app_b_acd_aa_script.tcl

  clid_authen_collect       Tcl Script      builtin:app_clid_authen_collect_script.tcl

  app-b-acd                 Tcl Script      builtin:app_b_acd_script.tcl

  clid_col_npw_3            Tcl Script      builtin:app_clid_col_npw_3_script.tcl

  clid_authen               Tcl Script      builtin:app_clid_authen_script.tcl

  clid_col_npw_npw          Tcl Script      builtin:app_clid_col_npw_npw_script.tcl

  TOLLFRAUD_APP             C Script        builtin:TollFraud_Service.C

  clid_authen_col_npw       Tcl Script      builtin:app_clid_authen_col_npw_script.tcl

  ipsla-testcall            Tcl Script      builtin:app_test_place_script.tcl

  bacd                      Tcl Script      flash:/bacdprompts/app-b-acd-

  AFW_THIRD_PARTY_CC        C Script        builtin::Third_Party_CC_Service.C

  CTAPP                     C Script        builtin:CallTreatment_Service.C

  fax_hop_on                Tcl Script      builtin:app_fax_hop_on_script.tcl

  dsapp                     C Script        builtin:DSESS_Service.C

  Default                   C Script        builtin:Session_Service.C

  DEFAULT.C.OLD             CCAPI           Obsolete system session application

  lib_off_app               CCAPI           Libretto Offramp

  CTIAPP                    CCAPI           CTI Application

  stcapp                    CCAPI           SCCP Call Control Application

  fax_on_vfc_onramp_app     CCAPI           Fax onramp for VFC


  name                      type            description

  chinese                   C Script        builtin:package_chinese.C

  ThirdPartyCC              C Script        builtin:Third_Party_CC.C

  deviceControl             C Script        builtin:Dev_ctrlSession.C

  vxmlmodule                C Script        builtin:VxmlModule.C

  tcl20base                 C Script        builtin:tcl20base_package.C

  destination               C Script        builtin:Destination.C

  vxmlbase                  C Script        builtin:vxmlbase_package.C

  callindss                 C Script        builtin:CallIndSs.C

  spanish                   C Script        builtin:package_spanish.C

  media                     C Script        builtin:package_media.C

  medianeg                  C Script        builtin:MediaNeg.C

  appcommon                 C Script        builtin:AppCommon.C

  callsetup                 C Script        builtin:CallSetup.C

  session_xwork             C Script        builtin:Session_XWork.C

  callsnr                   C Script        builtin:CallSnr.C

  consult                   C Script        builtin:Consult.C

  callfeature               C Script        builtin:CallFeature.C

  tclmodule                 C Script        builtin:TclModule.C

  CallXfor                  C Script        builtin:CallXfor.C

  tclcore                   C Script        builtin:tclcore_package.C

  digitcollect              C Script        builtin:DigitCollect.C

  english                   C Script        builtin:package_english.C

  httpios                   C Script        builtin:package_httpios.C

  mpconf                    C Script        builtin:MPConf.C

  preempt                   C Script        builtin:Preempt.C

  Retrieval                 C Script        builtin:Retrieval.C

  MRCPV2Module              C Script        builtin:MRCPV2Module.C

  consultresp               C Script        builtin:ConsultResp.C


Thanks Paul - my understanding (though I havent tested this) is that this version of the tcl script will support the two queue exit params in drop through mode e.g.:

param queue-exit-option1  3

param queue-exit-extension1  5000

the second greeting will say something like "press 1 to be transferred to vmail" and  5000 is a dn with a cfwdall to the cue vmail, cue is then configured with a GDM.

If drop through isnt supported you could try the solution described in the great find by Rob; the call coming in on a drop through, but transfer a second aa to present the option for transfer.



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