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Called party number on phone display - updating with results of translation on GW, not wanted

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Call Manager 9.x, IOS 15.1, H.323 gateways


Hi, I've got 2 questions regarding the called number display on handsets. Essentially, when a user dials an external number it's obviously shown on their phone handset screen - when that number is manipulated to add prefix for certain PSTN gateways etc. the updated number is shown on the phone display, which the users identify as "not the number I dialled" - can this be changed?

It a cosmetic issue essentially, but one I am being asked about and can't find an answer to:


1) I add a prefix on the gateway to the outbound dialled number (to add a carrier code / network function to all calls) - ie, \^9!\ \1666\ - Process looks like this:

user dials -> 912345

shows as dialled number on handset -> 912345

translation-rule on gateway (in IOS) converts number to -> 166612345

call connected

user handsets now updated to show dialled number as -> 166612345  (but still wanted it to show 912345)


2) Another seperate scenario is that I am doing called party transformation on a route pattern - here the modified number is shown instantly on the callers display. Presumably this in unavoidable? Or, can the original number dialled by the user be displayed on their phone, not the modified one?


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Anas Abueideh
Level 9
Level 9


any calling or called transformation in the route pattern appears in the screen.

you can discard the 9 in the route pattern and add prefix 9 in the route list level.


for the 2nd point there is a service parameter in the call manager to keep the original dialed number



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Andre Castro
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Level 1

Hi ajenks,

As Anas pointed out (+5) you might try mainpulating in the route list and pattern levels and see if that changes.

I also would add that you might check if clid update on your h323 gateway is enabled: