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Caller ID and Call Forwarding

I have a user who wants to forward his phone to his cell phone. Normally this would be no problem.

Basically this is the scenario:

User A has an phone number of 555-555-1234

User A forwards his IP Phone to 555-555-1212.

When User B 555-555-9876 calls User A at 555-1234, the caller ID on User A's cell phone is displayed as 555-555-1234.

Is there anyway for this display the User B caller ID (555-9876) on User A's cell phone, rather than User A's number 555-1234?

I do not think it is possible when transferring off-net, as User A is the one technically placing the call. I am using the external phone mask setting on all route patterns, as well as the gateway settings "Calling Party Presentation" and "are set to "Default" and "Originator" respectively and "Redirecting Number IE Delivery - Outbound" is checked.

Current Set up:

Call Manager 6.1.2

ISDN E1 PRI on a 3800 MGCP gateway

The provider has confirmed that Caller ID is being passed

Thanks for any help!


Is this an MGCP gateway or H323?

Have you checked;

System Parameters => Clusterwide Parameters (Device - General) => Always Display Original Dialed Number Required Field.

If this is set to true set it to false.

You probably already know about this feature, if so I apologise.


Kim - Thanks for the suggestion, this was actually set to false. Will this setting override the other settings I have in place on the gateway and route patterns? Just curious if I need all the settings to be consistent or if one trumps the other.


Sorry.. you had detailed that fact on your original post. I missed it. I am currently investigating the same issue.

I am not so sure Kim's suggestion is what you need as this parameter is for the original dialed number (User A's desk phone in your example). Is this correct Kim?

I will update this post if I make any progress.


we had an issue after our upgrade from 6.1 to 7.1 where the original dialled number always showed on the phone even when the call forwarded to another number, was transferred or picked up within the pickup group.

We discovered the Service Parameter and realised that it was now true to always show the original dialled number, changing it to false restored the logic for the calling party.

I tested this by forwarding my 7965 to my mobile then calling from another Cisco IPT, I saw the called number change to my mobile once the forward activated and the connection to the mobile was established.

Hope this helps in some way.



You might try setting the System Parameter in CallManager..

Clusterwide Parameters (Feature-Forward)

Change "Retain Forward Information" to True

Looking at the description, I am not sure if this will work either, as it mentions when the call goes off-hook.

"This parameter determines whether forwarding information displays to the called party after the party goes off-hook. Valid values specify True (display forward information) or False (do not display forward information)."

The help text for this option is incomplete. Check out bug id CSCsz51729 - 'Retain Forward Information' set to True ensures the callType remains the same through the entire duration of the call, not only after the phone goes off hook."

I just had a lengthy phone call with TAC about this exact same situation and changing this parameter fixed it for me.

Gustavo Moreschi

Did you get it fixed?

I'm having the same situation, but in H323 GW.

Thank you!

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