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Caller ID forwarding to Mobile phone


I have been reading through the forums, though haven't come up with an answer to this as yet.

We are using Cisco Unified CM Administrator version

When a call is received or forwarded on an internal phone, the caller ID is shown on the receiving phone (whether an internal call or external call).

When a call is forwarded (either through CFwdALL or Mobility), the caller ID on the mobile phone shows our main swichboard number and not the original caller ID.

So, very happy about the internal display, though I have been asked to get the caller ID's on everyone's mobile.

Any help would be appreciated.



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Re: Caller ID forwarding to Mobile phone


This is normal , because the Caller is not the person who initiated the forward , the forward is working like a normal outgoing call , it will choose a route pattern and use the gateway port which is associated with , so it should show the main switchboard number.



Re: Caller ID forwarding to Mobile phone

Thanks Amer,

Unfortunately this doesn't help me, as I have read elsewhere that it is possible to receive a forwarded caller ID on a mobile phone.

Currently if I receive a call on my desk phone and I am unable to answer it, I have mobility set up that on the forth ring it diverts the call to my mobile.

     - If it is an internal number that has called my desk phone the caller ID is sent to my mobile.

     - If it is an external number that has called my desk phone the caller ID is not sent to my mobile, it displays our switchboard caller ID.

I am asked the question "why does one of the caller ID's get forwarded, though not the other?".

Is there a way of setting up a route pattern so that the caller ID is forwarded?



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Re: Caller ID forwarding to Mobile phone


Ok , now i got your message.

From the route pattern, did you try to change the value on the calling party transformation ?

Try to allow Calling Line ID Presentation or check the Use Calling Party's External Phone Number Mask box , i think you can do it within these values .

For more information about it , when you are in the route pattern page , press help then this page , you will get full information about the values for these.

Let me know if it works , i never tried it before but i guess it will work with this.


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Re: Caller ID forwarding to Mobile phone

What type of PSTN connection do you have? If you have PRI, I find that asking the telco to remove the screening table from your PRI is the easiest way to accomplish this. If you debug isdn q931 in the gateway, you will be able to see what is happening on a forwarded call, and also what happens in a single number reach scenario. Im guessing that the debug will show on a forwarded call, that the called party number will be that of the mobile phone, and the calling party number will be that of the actual calling party. Telco doesnt recognize this calling party number as a part of your DID range, and therefore overwrites the caller id with the main number on the PRI.

Ive also found this to be true with SIP providers. If you have a SIP PSTN connection, it may be worth a call to the telco, to find out exactly what information they need to see in order to pass along the original calling party number on forwarded/single number reach calls.

Hope that helped.

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