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Caller ID

Hey everyone,


Got 2 questions that I'm hoping someone can help point me in the right direction.


1.  Is there a way to set external phone number mask for an entire device pool rather than setting it in each DN configuration, and if it is in DN configuration have that override what is set for the entire device pool for that particular DN?


2.  Is there a way to swap priority of calling name and calling number on incoming calls from PSTN?  Meaning, rather than showing calling name first, have it show calling number first?  We just upgraded from CUCM 9.1 to 11.5 and it is now showing name first whereas before it was showing number.  It's not an issue on the newer 8800 series phones.  But on my older 7900 series an inbound call that is pointed to a Hunt Pilot will only show the callers name and the Hunt Pilot name and it will not show the number until after the call is answered.  My users would like to see the number, they could care less about the name apparently.

VIP Advisor

For question 1. its not possible.

For question 2. do you mean that PSTN is delivering caller name and that is
displayed on the phones. I don't think PSTN networks deliver name

Yeah I didn't think question 1 was possible either, but just wanted to be sure and check with some of the more knowledgeable.  Thanks for verifying Mohammed!


In regards to question 2:  That is correct.  Our PSTN delivers name (provided that a name is available).  It may not always be the right name though now that the carriers are not updating their databases against others quite as often as they were.



1. Alternative to use transformation at either TP or RP. Kind of a global config and you won't have to set EPNM on each line/phone.
2. If there is SIP b/w your GW and CUCM, you can use SIP Profiles. It won't be dynamic though.

Nipun Singh Raghav
"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them"

Thanks for the reply Nipun!


I did try Transformation without any luck.  From my understanding of readings I've done, Transformations only work when calling OnNet.  I more than likely am misunderstanding it and this is not the case, however I've tried every configuration that I can think of, and have found no way of making this work.  I did apply the EPNM at the RP, unfortunately that overrides everything.  Or maybe I just have that configured incorrectly as well.


As far as question 2 goes, it's a Cisco 4321 Voice Gateway using MGCP.


Not true. First thing, RP won't be used if it is an on-net call wherein the call stays on the cucm itself. TP can be used. In your scenario, these are for outbound. On a particular call, you can use both TP and RP and the corresponding transformations on them. You must be configuring it incorrectly.

Since it's MGCP, nothing can be done on the GW,

Nipun Singh Raghav
"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them"

Hi Nipun,


Yes, I am aware that RP will not be used if it is an on net call, this is only for outbound calls.  I think you might have misunderstood me in regards to that, as I was referring to TP was what I read only affected on net calls.

What I was stating in regards to RP was that if I set an External Mask in RP, it overrides what I set for External Mask on the DN.

I'll read back through the TP setup and give it another shot, but so far I've confirmed with 2 other Collab engineers (1 being another Cisco employee who helped us with deploying Expressway) that setting an External Mask for an entire site, and having that overridden if a DN has an External Mask set, cannot be done.


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