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Caller/Line Information With Multiple Direct Lines - 7962

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Level 1

I have this on any of our 7962's with two direct lines:

  • Line A: Prime Line
  • Line B: Shared Line
  • Users A & B: Both have Line B (direct number)


1) Someone calls Line B and both users A and B see the caller information on their phones display.

2) User A picks it up, puts them on Hold and calls User B. User B does not get another large caller information bubble on the phone, they only see "From ######" at the bottom. Is there any way to change this? 



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Phone B will get whatever information you have on line A.

I can test tomorrow, but if I'm not wrong while the call is on hold both phones have the "big bubble" with the call information, this is due the single number reach allowing Phone B to just press "resume" and get the call instead of Phone A transferring the call to it.


Now, if Phone A does not have the call on hold and Phone C calls B you should see the whole call information.


Hope this helps.

Rolando A. Valenzuela


If anyone is on line B all calls to the users prime line show up at the bottom (From #####) instead of showing a second bubble. I'm surprised there's no way to change this.