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Caller Name does not show in 'Placed Calls' directory

Level 1
Level 1

CUCM v9 and IP Phone 7962/7942

We use 4 digit dialing when calling an extension number inside the same office i.e 4xxx. When dialing an office of a different physical location, we use 6 digit extensions prepended by an 8 i.e 8103xxx

If I place a call to the other office by dialing 8 103xxx, we route the call across an ICT trunk to another cluster. We are having a problem with the internal name of the person showing in the placed calls list on the phone of person who made the call. Instead they just see the extension number 8 103xxx 

The receiver of the call sees the persons name. So in the receiver phone missed calls or received calls directory we can correctly see the caller name and extension number. 

However, in the 'Placed calls' on the phone that made the call, we only see an extension number and no name. 

Anyone see this issue before. Is this expected?

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Deepak Mehta
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

I believe if you set alerting name/asci alerting name for the person(8 103XX) that you are calling in another office it should fix the issue. You can do it in DN config.Give it a  try.

All alerting names and ascii name and caller id fields are set. Thats not the issue. Issue seems to only be with calls that cross the ICT trunk. Could there be an issue there?

Please check whether you are allowed below option

Inbound Calls

Connected Name Presentation

Outbound Calls

Check below settings are configured on h323 ICT trunk for h323 .

For SIP trunk you need to check Calling line and  name presentation on outbound direction