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Callers hear music during a live call

We have external callers complaining that they hear music on hold while talking to a representative. We have instances occuring to an agent who is part of the UCCX queue and also to another site during a normal incoming call.


Has anyone experience that or has any thoughts on what could be the reason?


thank you,

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What is the call flow??If

What is the call flow??

If PSTN is involved, what do you use for PSTN???



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Hi Garima, Please provide the

Hi Garima,


Please provide the following information:


> What is the exact call flow: liken  IP phone ---CUCM-----Voice GW ----PSTN.
> When do we hear the MOH, when the call is answered by the representative or does it start in the middle of the call.
> Who is playing the MOH, CUCM ot any other 3rd party MOH device.
> Is the MOH configure as unicast or multicast stream.
> When the issue started, any changes done in the system?



Hi Amit, The call flow is

Hi Amit,


The call flow is outside call -> PSTN (PRI) -> H.323 GW -> CUCM -> UCCX -> Agent. The callers are hearing the MOH once the conversation starts with the representative. This is not happening on every call though.

The MOH is configured as Multicast stream. We have had on and off instances of this once we upgraded to 9.1 back in Oct 2014. We havent been able to figure out yet. It will start happening and will go away after some time.

I have opened a TAC case but its hard to troubleshoot when you cant re-create the problem.

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Hi Garima, I would suggest to

Hi Garima,


I would suggest to work with TAC only if you have already opened SR, you should be able to get the resolution at some point in time.




Hi Garima,

Hi Garima,

DId you resolve this one. Curious what the outcome was. I would love to try and duplicate it.

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