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Calling Party Transformation overwriting ELIN from CER


I have seen this with CUCM/CER 11.5 and 12.5.


This is when using Calling Party Transformations to change 4-digit internal extensions into valid 10-digit numbers for outbound calls.

The Transformation is applied at the gateway using the Calling Party Transformation CSS.


For 911 calls, CER is setting the proper ELIN, but the Transformation is overwriting it, because the gateway sees the 4 digit Calling Party, and transforms it.


Anyone know a fix for this? (Other than not using Transformations)



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Roger Kallberg
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VIP Expert

If the match statement on the calling transformation matches the number set as the ELIN this is expected. If you do not want it to be changed by the transformation you’ll have to change the match statement to not match.

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Thanks for the response.

The Transformation is not matching the ELIN number from CER, it is matching the 4-digit DN of the phone that made the 911 call.

The Transformation is set to match 6606, and prefix 860555, so the Caller ID is 8605556606.

This works for regular calls.

For 911, CER is setting the ELIN to 2079110000.

(this is in a lab environment, so not real numbers being used)

But when DN 6606 dials 911, the call is seen as 8605556606, even though the ELIN from CER is set to 2079110000

If I dial 911 from a different DN that does not match the Transformation, the ELIN is sent out correctly.



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