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Calling Party Transformation Pattern and CSS not taking effect

Here is what we are trying to do.  We need to make sure that all outbound calls out of a particular gateway have a calling number inside a certain range of DID numbers.  If the calling number is within the range, we want the call to go out unaltered.  If the calling number is outside the range, we want to replace the calling number with a particular number.  Normally, I would do this with a voice translation-rule on the gateway, but this gateway is an MGCP gateway, so that option isn't available.  So I figure I will use the Calling Party Transformation Patterns and Calling Party Transformation CSS.  I create a new partition, a new CSS that includes only the new partition, a new route pattern to my specific cell phone (for testing), pointing to a new route list and route group.  I removed all calling party transformations on each of those levels.  Then I created a Calling Party Transformation Pattern in the new partition that specifies the 4-digit extension of my IP phone.  The DNA shows that I am hotting each of those steps and that at the MGCP Gateway level the Transformed Calling Party Number is expanded to 10 digits.  But the Q.931 data on the T-1 still shows the 4 digits going out as the calling number.  What am I missing?  


Where have you exactly

Where have you exactly assigned calling party transformation css?

On mgcp endpoint page?


Yes, on the MGCP endpoint

Yes, on the MGCP endpoint page.  And it is still not working.


After changing the CPT CSS on

After changing the CPT CSS on the MGCP page did you bounce MGCP? On the router need to type "no mgcp" in config t, wait 5 seconds and type "mgcp", otherwise changes to the MGCP config don't take affect.

Do it after hours, it is service affecting.




Thanks for sharing this info

Thanks for sharing this info kkoeper...

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