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Calling Party Transformation with Call Handler


I have calling party transformation setup, and working correctly when a phone has a DID associated to it.    Unfortunately if a caller goes to a call handler, then dials the users extension it no longer works.

Working:    Dial 555-1212 (DID) --> Rings on cisco phone with the proper localized number displayed.

Not Working:    Dial 555-1213, at Call Handler dial DN 1234 -->   Rings on cisco phone with the full globalized number

Is there a way to make this work going thru the call handler?   My guess is that the phone is seeing the call comming from Unity CN first, not appying the transformation, then the display is updated to show the outside callers info.




So you take your DIDs and manipulate them somehow to fit into your internal dialing plan.

Through some call flow (0-outs or whatever) users sometimes end up at a UConn directory handler but when the users find people in the directory calls are not making it to the subscriber's phones?

Do the UConn ports have a CSS that contains a partition that contains a translation pattern to convert the UConn numbering scheme to the numbering scheme on the subscribers' phones?

David Hailey

Where are you applying your transformations - typical is route list but can be applied elsewhere as well.  Elaborate and I believe we can identify why Unity Connection would not be accessing the transformation configurations.



Here is a summary of what I am doing...

The PRIs are all MGCP.    On the PRI interface I am using the "Incoming Calling Party Settings" to append an 81 to all national numbers.     So the telco sends the calling party as 555-555-1234, and UCM makes it 81-555-555-1234.

This makes it so that users can go to their Missed Calls directory and dial the number directly ( since they need an 8 to dial outside numbers).

I then use Calling Party Transformations on the device pool which drops the 81.   This makes it so that the number displayed on the screen is just the 10 digit number.  But if you go into Missed Calls it still has the precending "81".

This works fine for direct dials to the phone ,but not when going thru a call handler.


did you get this resolved so it shows up wihtout 81 on the display of hte phone when it goes through the call hanlder...

please let me know how you fixed it. i have the same issue.



I think mhurley131 gave a pretty good explanation.  Did you try that?