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Calling Party Transformations in Device Pools

Good Afternoon,

I have a situation where my SIP carrier is providing 911 service for multiple locations through a SIP trunk in a single location. They are determining which PSAP to route the call to depending on what location I am dialing from. I know that I can present the External Phone Number Mask to do this on a per phone basis, and I also know that I can setup different RP's for each group and have it set that way as well.

My problem is that I have 100 sites and the Route plan is a disaster when I create individual RP's for both 911 and 8.911. (200 entries). The External Phone Number Mask configuration leaves the company exposed to liability based on Administrator error. I am looking for a way to do this where if you are in a specific device pool and you call 911 or 8.911, a calling party transformation is done based on dialed number and DP.

I am running CUCM 9.1.2 and my SIP is run through a CUBE.

Is this at all possible? Thanks in advance,


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Best case scenario would

Best case scenario would likely be to install Cisco Emergency Responder... It can do automatic caller location based on IP address in order to route to the correct PSAP, and can notify on-site personnel whenever 911 is dialed.



Thanks for the response! Keep

Thanks for the response! Keep in mind that all of the calls go out through a single CUBE with a single SIP Trunk and the carrier determines the correct PSAP by the outbound caller-ID. Is this something that CER can modify in the outbound presentation?

I think that I can use ECCP profiles and CURRI to do this but I have never used CURRI and I am not a programmer!!




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