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CallManager Express TAPI TSP Windows 7 64bit


we are using CME TAPI TSP as a tool to dial from outlook contacts.

Now people are moving form XP to W7 64bit and there is no compatible version available.

The error-message of version during installation is "Could not add the Cisco unified CME TSP to the phone and modem".

Is there a new version coming up?

Are there any alternatives?



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Hi Hubert,

At the moment, there are no plans to create a new TSP for the 64 bit environment.

You could contact the Account Team so they can raise a Business Case doing this, the Development Team will see that more and more customers are requesting TSP in 64 bit and probably in the near future they will came up with the 64 version.



If this helps, please rate

What's function for  TSP? How can enable this function on CME?

Hi Chong,

Hubert is talking about:

TAPI Developer Guide for Cisco CME/SRST

Where you can create customize apps.



With TAPI function, what's license required? How can caculate the ip phone numbers if have TAPI function?


I'm not talking about TAPI apps, I'm talking about "Cisco Unified CallManager Express Telephony Service Provider 2.0".

This peace of software integrates a TAPI-Interface and let you dial i.e. from outlook contacts using your attached CISCO IP Phone.

And it's a shame for CISCO leaving all this upgrading customers (upgrading to W7 64bit) waiting. Its the same with a VPN-Client for 64bit. Could it be that complicated to adapt the software to a new version of Windows?

I have lot of customers asking me questions about this! And there is no straight answer from CISCO!!!!



Somewhere thre is a roadmap for Cisco's porting to 64bits (not sure if TAPI TSP is included, but it should).

Some of the promised released notes are quiteinacceptable coming from a name like Cisco targeting global enterprise customers.


Hello -

I too would like to chime in and voice the frustration of not being able to use Cisco Unified Telephony Service Provider (TSP) 2.2 under Windows 7 64 bit.  We are a Small Business using the Cisco Small Business VOIP solution and everyone using the Outlook plug-in for auto-dailing from Outlook contacts. We've discovered that once we upgrade to Windows 7, we lose this capability.  Now I have employees in my office refusing to upgrade to Win 7 as they do not want to lose this functionality.  Windows 7 is released and all new PC's are being delivered with this OS - - - - will Cisco support this function or is there an alternative UC software that can be used under Win 7 64 bit to retain dailer from Outlook contacts capability? Is this even on the roadmap?

Frank Bella - Creative Video Services - Cisco customer, and Cisco preferred supplier

I would like to support this thread.

It's just incredible that Cisco does not provide a 64bit TAPI driver as of now. This software is really needed - a lot of brand new computers come with 64bit Windows. Some of them are not even available with 32bit versions.

And: How long is 64bit Windows available now? 6 years? It shouldn't be too hard to port the code in that time frame.

@Cisco: We need a 64bit TAPI driver!



I need to chime in on this string as well.

I am the Network Admin for my company and I too have several PC's that have been recently upgraded to Windows 7 (64bit) and much to my dismay, I discovered the TAPI drivers will not work.  To further my frustration, it seems CISCO dosen't care!

I recall a story a very close friend told me about negotiations that were being held (several years ago) when Priceline was attempting to get the oil companies to reduce the price of fuel for Priceline members.  Priceline attepted to "strong-arm" the oil industry who eloquently replied "we have the consortium not you...".  In the end Priceline was unable to reach an agreement with the oil industry.

Let's see who gives in here...CISCO or have three guesses and the first three don't count!

Keep this thread alive.....

Cisco: We need a 64bit TAPI driver!


Cisco we need a  TAPI TSP Windows 7 64bit


CISCO: Please give us a 64bit version of CME TAPI TSP!!!


This has been going on for while now. Come on Cisco, bring x64 version of TSP.

My TAPI connector will be under development until x64 is released.

or don't they have beta version?

Agree, this is an absolute joke. This issue has forced me to install apps onto 2003 boxes! Roll on 2008 64-bit support!

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