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Callmanager queue initial announcement does not works with locale

Attila Horvath
Level 1
Level 1


Tried to setup the announcement for a queue type hunt pilot.

At "initial Announcement for queuing-enabled Hunt Pilot calls" I set the "Play annoncement before..." enty to play a wav file before handle the queue call.

I upload the announcement files, with locale set to "Hungary" and also with English. The newest locale file is installed in system.

So the problem is: When I want to use the " Announcement by Locale" feature with my own sound file, it does not play the initial announcement,

not from called inside nor outside.

When I use the Cisco"s pre-defined "Default Announcement", it works well.


Summa summarum, I cannot use my own recorded sound file for initial playing.

The interesting thing is that "Periodic Announcement"  (when the queue is full)  is works well with (all of) custom sound files, so it is not 

transcoding error.


Is it a bug? I cannot find anything at Bug search...

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Rob Huffman
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

Hi Attila,


Did you see this bug?


Doc - Clarification on locale usage for queue announcements


More documentation needs to be added concerning the queue announcement feature in CUCM 9.x when locales are used.

Periodic Announcement:
- Always played by MOH server, regardless of other settings

Initial Announcement:
- Played by MOH server only when the Audio Source has "Allow Multi-casting" unchecked and "Initial Announcement Played" set to 'Only for queued calls.'
- Played by ANN if "Allow Multi-casting" is checked or if "Initial Announcement Played" is set to 'Always.'

- Prompts played by MOH will use the setting for Locale Announcement
- Prompts played by ANN will use the User Locale of the calling party



Hi Rob, 

I am afraid this is my problem ;(

But what I have to configure to work the scenario above (initial announcement with custom file)?

 Ann is configured, and shows as registered, but still does not work.

I missed something? 


Level 1
Level 1

was there any fix to this?

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