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Calls drop at 5 mins 40 secs to 5 mins 50 secs everytime

Please forgive me for this is only my 2nd attempt at SIP and VoIP, I'm a route/switch guy.


We have setup a new branch on a SIP trunk to our local cable internet provider and inbound and outbound calls are dropping at around 5 mins 45 seconds every time.


I have read over their documents over and over and still am having no luck. Hoping the group could quickly identify the issue and explain this is why it is.


This debug is from an inbound call that goes to an AA, and then with a digit press, goes to the internal extension. This call disconnected with my phone timer at 5 mins and 46 seconds with a busy tone.

Cisco Employee

Re: Calls drop at 5 mins 40 secs to 5 mins 50 secs everytime

Going through your logs, the call legs with respect to ITSP and CUCM works fine and Gateway receives 200 OK from the provider. The SIP session is refreshed from gateway <--> CUCM side and gateway <---> ITSP side.
After referring to timestamps 00:11:45.889 and 00:17:43.085, i assume session keepalives were working and we didn't receive any disconnect reason from provider.

Now as you mentioned the PSTN phone receives busy out, then you need to check with provider why he is expiring sip session for PSTN phone provided session is alive and keepalives working and even if PSTN side is Busy out why no notification is sent to gateway.

Cisco Employee

Re: Calls drop at 5 mins 40 secs to 5 mins 50 secs everytime

Your ITSP has already dropped the existing dialog without notifying us or the router disconnecting the call -

005341: Mar 2 00:17:43.101: //6134/FFB836D2927B/SIP/Msg/ccsipDisplayMsg:
SIP/2.0 481 Call/Transaction Does Not Exist
CSeq: 106 INVITE
From: <sip:586777XXXX@>;tag=737528C-1241
To: <sip:269359XXXX@>;tag=
Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;received=;branch=z9hG4bK96E7C9
Server: SIP/2.0
Warning: 399 sip "The specified dialog does not exist"
Content-Length: 0

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