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calls drop during transfer

Hi all,

The topology is like this:

    TELECOM OPERATOR<------>CUBE<------------->CUCM<----------->AVAYA IP PBX


When a CUCM user,  calls GSM mobile phone thru th TELECOM OPERATOR  and transfer this call to  Avaya phone set, the call drops...

All trunks are SIP trunks

When I uncheck the MTP on SIP trunk,  between Avaya and CUCM , the call isn't dropped during transfer.  But in this case when the CUCM user makes a call to Avaya IP PBX, the DTMF  doesnt't work.


So I need a solution such as,  the call shouldn't drop during transfer and the DTMF  should be sent to Avaya IP PBX









Robert Hillcoat

Your MTP is most likely setup on your CUCM. Try creating MTP resources on the CUBE and using that instead. Make sure its registered before attempting the call again. 

Hi Robert

2 millions of calls /month comes from CUBE to Cisco ( incoming calls to cucm)


Also 2,5 million calls are dialed from CUCM to CUBE


The transfer scenario from CUCM to Avaya is only 10000 calls per month


What will be the impact of MTP usage in CUBE  regarding the call amounts above?

I mean when we add an MTP to CUBE will it affect to 2 million calls?  Is it feasible?

If not, do you have any other solution for it?


Depending on how much DSP's you have on the CUBE depends on how it will be affected. 

When you create the MTP on the CUBE it will not be used until you assign it to a resource i.e. device pool or SIP trunk. 

Do some trials first before making any changes to your existing setup. 


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