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Calls Intermittently Drop when resuming on hold call

Really scratching my head on this one.  I attached ccsip logs for a good call and a bad call.  Also show run of router.  

Site has 4 analog lines to a 2921 router/FXO card.  Phones are 8811 SIP.  SIP trunk back to our Service Center and Call Manager Cluster.


Two major issues - when doing a consult transfer, the call drops when releasing the call (pressing transfer second time).  This occurs consistently.  Other issue is placing a call on hold.  Sometimes there is silence, sometimes they hear MoH.  Randomly when resuming the call from on hold, the call drops.  I can recreate these issues by creating a dial-peer from the site IP IP Telephony and Phones, CUCMTelephony and Phones, CUCMrouter/cube back to call manager for a phone at my desk (x7771145).  I then configure one of the voice ports with connection plar 7771145.  I am at the SC where the CUCM cluster resides.


MoH is setup as multicast.    All of the sites (80+) are setup identically. I'll call the site with the issue SiteA.   Site A has CFB and XCODE resources built out on the router and registered with call manager (and assigned to Sita A MRG).  Site A MRGL has Site A Media Resources listed first, and then the ServiceCenter Media Resources second. Service Center is where the cluster resides and has all of the ANN, CFB, MOH, MTP and XCODE assigned.


If I assign an MOH resource to Site A's MRG, i can hear MOH but still get the call drop issue. I think a separate issue exists with the MRG build outs.

The issues began when the Cisco ASA was replaced with Palo Alto.  We actually have two sites with these issues but all sites are configured the same.  Pretty much a cookie cutter template network for each one. I have tried to replicate the issue with other sites who have same router, config, carrier, etc and could not.


CUCM 11.5





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