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can B-ACD be configured in a normal voice gateway?



     Can anyone confirm me if it is possible to configure cisco B-ACD (normal AA features for forwarding call to desired extension with out manual intervention) feature in a normal voice gateway or it works only with CME feature??

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paolo bevilacqua
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Yes. It is not needed to have CME for B-ACD/AA to work.

Hi paolo,

               thanks for your time to have a look into my concern.  Can you plz let me know how can B-ACD/AA can be configured on a voice gateway where CME feature is not enabled. My set up is like, I am running a normal PSTN gateways where MGCP protocol is running. phones are registered to a remote server over IP wan and the router is being used for making normal PSTN calls. Now due to lack of DID range from ITSP we require the basic AA/Call forwarding feature where caller will call to the a DID number and it will play an IVR asking the extension number. once the caller will type the extension the call will be forwarded to the desired extension without any manual intervention.

I hope the requirement is clear to you. If you need any other information please do let me know accordingly.


TCL/IVR scripts cannot be run on MGCP gateway. You need to upgrade to H.323 or SIP before.

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