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can single Expressway C+E support multiple clusters and domains

We are looking to implement the Expressway MRA solution for external jabber clients and B2B video.

We have multiple clusters with different toplevel domains on each cluster. Some clusters might have more domains.

Can we implement one set of Expressway C + E cluster and support multiple clusters and here by preserve resources in the VMware and only implement 1 set of certificates.


According to the MRA deployment guide, there is the "deployments", but will it support multiple toplevel domain.


Any input would be appreciated.

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Can you attach a high level

Can you attach a high level diagram so we can get an accurate description of what your environment looks like

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Could be something like this:

Could be something like this:



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Martin, no this is not

Martin, no this is not supported..Expressway remote access is limited to one customer domain per cluster. You can only support multiple cucm, IM&P clusters on a single expressway if the domain is uniform. You will need multiple expressway clusters for this


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Hi Ayodeji,  Is this type of

Hi Ayodeji,



Is this type of deployment support.


Also off the topic question, can I have a top level domain( and sub-domain( form a peer relationship in im & presence servers.

As per Cisco 2 sub-domains apart of the same top-level domain can form a peer relationship.




Hello, Ayodeji.

Hello, Ayodeji.

Expressway 8.9 Release notes still says multiple domains are not configurable for MRA,

and I am thinking of using the second pair eff Exp-C/E.

I wonder whether it will work ?


Aheem, sorry:

Aheem, sorry:

Unsupported Expressway Features and Limitations When Using MRA

■ Multi-domain and multi-customer support is limited as follows:

— As of X8.5.1, a deployment can have Multiple Presence Domains. This feature is in preview, and we currently recommend that you do not exceed 50 domains.


Hey Ayodeji

Hey Ayodeji

Are you saying that Expressway Cluster (8.7 and up) on MRA  don't support multiples top level domains using Expressway deployment feature?

For example it will not  support and domain on a single Expressway Cluster. Same for Federation and B2B.



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