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Can't get call to NOT forward to VM

CUCM 6.0 with a 7941 phone. Any calls to this phone's extension go directly to voicemail. The forward all option is not in use, and the config for the phone and extension appear identical to other phones that work correctly. I've reset the phone and cycled the power on it with no luck.

Rob Huffman
Hall of Fame Community Legend

Hi Gregory,

From ccmadmin, go to the phone in question and hardset a different DN in the CFWD All Coverage/ Destination box. Update/reset and test. Then remove this number, Update/reset and test.

This usually clears this type of issue :)

Hope this helps!


I'll give it a shot.

Standby one...

That did not work. When I put the new extension to forward all calls to it still goes straight to voicemail for the original dialed extension.

Check for a CTI Route Point with the same DN in the same partition. If there is one, you will need to delete it or change the DN and call that phone again.

Also use the Route Plan Report and check to make sure that only that phone has that DN.

Rob Huffman
Hall of Fame Community Legend

Hi Gregory,

I think Anthony is probably onto something here (+5 points Anthony :)

Lets say the DN having problems is 4444. I would try to delete 4444 from the phone then go to the Route Plan Report and search Unassigned DN's. Find 4444 and delete it here as well. Then re-create 4444 back on the original problem phone and test it out :)

Hope this helps!


I think the guys are right, it sounds like you may have a duplicate DN. If you are CfwdAll the DN you are looking at to another number yet it is still going to VM run a route plan report on the DN to see if you have a duplicate or not.

I figured it out after getting some additional information. This was only going directly to voicemail when attempting to transfer via an AA on a Unity server, not for inter-office calls. Once I knew that I checked her subscriber profile and it was set to go right to the greeting and not ring the phone.

I probably should have checked that earlier, but thanks to all for the suggestions.

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