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Can't Hear Music on Hold

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I don't know what I am doing wrong.  I am attempting to add a custom song for a VOIP phone.  I believe I have everything correct. I am using a WAV file, with a duration of 21 seconds.  16 bit PCM at sample rate of both 44.1 and 8 kHz.  I am sure the file is playable, on my computer.  The process I went through is this:

  1. Create audio file
  2. Upload to Music On Hold Audio File Management. (Upload completes.)
  3. Add New, under Music On Hold Server Audio Source.
  4. Apply it to my phones (both 7912 and 7940, alternatively, with Cisco Hold Music as a control on other phone, to ensure hold is working).
  5. Make test calls.    

When I apply the Cisco Hold music, it works.  When I apply custom music, it doesn't.  All I hear is silence.


I am fairly new to this.  What do you think it might be?

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Jaime Valencia
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee
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