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Can't make phone call to CME over SAF.

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Hi Guys,

We have a plan to deploy SAF in our company, so I did some test in the past a few weeks.

The result list below: (CME 8.1, CCM 8.0.3)

1. CME --> SAF FW --> CCM.                        Call from CME to CCM is successful.

2. CCM --> SAF FW --> CME.                        Can't call from CCM to CME. CME router can receive H323 or SIP signaling, but call reject.

3. CME --> SAF FW --> SAF FW --> CME.     Can't call between CME. CME router can receive H323 or SIP signaling, but call reject.

I thougt it is the CME router SAF inbond dial peer problem. I can't set up the SAF inbond dial peer cause it is the dynamic incoming dial peer.

From Cisco document, "Voice Service Advertisement Framework Feature":


The patterns you configure are prepended with a site code before being advertised, creating an incoming
dynamic dial peer with the translation rule to remove the site code from the dialed number.

For example:
site-code : 333
voice translation-rule 2000000001
rule 1 /^333\(...\)/ /\1/

A block of dial-peer tags in the range of 1073741824–2147483647 are used by Voice SAF. The static
dial-peer tag range is lowered to 1–1073741823. The dynamic incoming dial peers described in the
previous example are created using a tag in the Voice SAF range.
Only one incoming dial peer is created for a trunk route advertising SIP and H.323 signaling. Similarly,
translation rule tags in the range of 1073741824–2147483647 are used for Voice SAF.


Someone can help me?

Many thanks,


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Did you ever find a solution?

I am doing a proof of concept and I am experiencing the same behavior..

try this command on IOS..In IOS 15.X its a security feature to prevent fraud...

voice service voip
no ip address trusted authenticate

or if u wanna keep router secured..then something like this ...depending on the IP used in your network..

voice service voip

ip address trusted list


I hope this helps...


I had similar experience until I allowed CUCM ip under my trusted authenticated list

voice service voip

ip address trusted list ipv4: x.x.x.x y.y.y.y

x.x.x.x.=cumc ip address..

If you do a debug voip ccapi and ccsip messages you should get a disconnect cause of 21. That will confirm that its the ip address trust list issue

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